Putnam Subaru Vehicle Trade Up Advantage® Program

If you're familiar at all with the Subaru brand, you already know these are some of the best cars for holding their value. Subaru makes vehicles that function efficiently for a long time compared to other brands, leading to them staying on the road longer and being worth more when you eventually decide to trade them in. The overwhelming majority of Subarus sold in the last ten years are still on the road today because these vehicles are produced with fastidious attention to detail and a focus on dependable quality. 

It's not just the durable nature of these vehicles that makes them so attractive to residents of San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, and the rest of Northern California. The appeal of Subarus even goes beyond the famous all-wheel drive that makes them so perfect for every adventure regardless of the weather. One of our favorite things about this manufacturer is the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-in Program (GTP).  You might also know it as the Subaru trade advantage or Subaru trade-up advantage.

Basically, the purpose of this program is to help drivers feel even more confident in the trade-in value of their Subaru vehicles. Whenever you're ready to move on from your current Subaru to your next Subaru, the GTP will help you receive the highest possible value that you can put toward your next car. Learn more about this program and how it works to understand why so many people have decided that they'll only buy Subarus from here on out.

What Is the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-in Program?

The GTP is an exclusive program for Subaru owners who are trading in a qualified Subaru vehicle while purchasing a new Subaru from a later model year. The Guaranteed Trade-in Program becomes available after your very first year of ownership. From that time, it continues to be an option for you for up to eight years from the start date from the vehicle's original warranty.

To qualify, your vehicle must be in a good enough condition to meet the rating requirements for a few simple criteria. The scale to determine the value of your vehicle under the GTP is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. The first step is a quick assessment to determine if the condition of your vehicle is good enough to warrant a large trade-in value. From there, it comes down to your mileage. If your vehicle is over the eligible mileage range, your value will be reduced by $0.20 per mile. The good news is that this mileage reduction is the only one that will ever be applied to your GTP value.

The other criteria besides the mileage include things like having a clean title, meeting standards for normal wear and use, and conforming to some other basic requirements. As long as everything appears to be in order, you'll receive a great offer for your vehicle with no other questions asked. Once the simple assessment has been made, and your mileage has been checked, qualifying vehicles will receive the full GTP value as defined by the manufacturer.

What Does the Subaru Trade Advantage Cost?

It doesn't cost anything to participate in this program, and there's no catch! Our experts at Putnam Subaru in Burlingame can even help you navigate any adjustments or exclusions on your way to a great deal. This is one of the best ways to get a high trade-in value near Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, or the surrounding counties in Northern California. Come visit us today at Putnam Subaru in Burlingame to learn more!