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Rely On the Putnam Subaru Service Center for Car Battery Service

Your Subaru's car battery won't run forever. San Mateo motorists want a working car battery as they drive through San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay Area. When your car battery is failing and it's time for a replacement, our Subaru service center in Burlingame, CA is the place to head. Putnam Subaru is your home for all battery repair and replacement needs. Our Subaru-certified technicians make sure your car battery is powered up for the road ahead!

Battery Repair & Replacement Service in Burlingame, CA

It doesn't matter what make or model you drive on San Jose and San Mateo streets. We service all batteries when you bring your vehicle in for battery maintenance at our Subaru service center in Burlingame, CA.

Our Subaru-certified technicians first conduct a battery test and inspect the battery. They'll assess the battery's voltage, current health, and remaining lifespan before determining if your old battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

The battery terminals, negative then positive, are disconnected to test the battery. When the new battery is installed, it is aligned with the matching terminals, with positive first and negative last. The terminals are tightened to secure the new battery under the hood of your Subaru.

Why Your Subaru's Battery Health Is Important

If your car battery is failing, you won't have the power source to start your car or drive around San Francisco and the Bay Area. The battery is your vehicle's initial power source and converts chemical energy into electrical energy to start your Subaru. Most batteries last for three to four years, though some can have quality voltage readings for six years. A healthy battery is an absolute must for San Mateo motorists to start their car with ease and continue driving around San Jose.

Signs Your Car Battery Needs to Be Swapped or Serviced

  • Inconsistent starting or failure to start your Subaru
  • Slow engine crank or sluggish starting cycle
  • Clicking sound for the ignition when San Francisco drivers turn the key to start the vehicle
  • Swollen or cracked battery case
  • Leaking battery acid
  • Your Subaru's check engine light or battery light is illuminated
  • Difficulty starting in extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Dim headlights & electrical issues

Schedule Battery Service to Test or Swap Your Battery in Burlingame, CA


Don't wait for your car battery to fail completely. If you experience any of the signs of a failing car battery or think the voltage reading may be low, schedule battery service with Putnam Subaru. Schedule a service appointment online so our technicians can test your battery and install a replacement if needed. Don't forget to check out our Subaru service specials for potential savings on battery inspections and a new battery replacement!

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