It's not uncommon for drivers to not know much about auto repair and maintenance, and it makes sense that they wouldn't want to bring in their vehicles for service if they didn't have to. At Putnam Subaru, we understand that keeping your Subaru model running smoothly can be challenging, and that's why we offer genuine Subaru parts and certified Subaru maintenance.

Find out how you can diagnose problems on your own and how to get help when you need it.

Tips for Identifying Problems with Your Car

Unless you have experience with Subaru repair or own advanced equipment, you will not always be able to find out what is exactly wrong with your vehicle. However, by using a few methods, you can get a ballpark idea of what is wrong with your car and even discover some solutions on your own. We recommend you at least call our professionals to get a second opinion on what your vehicle may need.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep an Eye Out: Be sure to look around your car often. By noting the tread depth of your tires, whether there are any fluid puddles or other suspicious signs, you can have a better idea of what to tell a mechanic and do your own research.
  • Consult Your Owner's Manual: Whether you're troubleshooting issues or checking what a certain light on in your instrument cluster means, your owner's manual is an excellent resource. It even has recommended service intervals to keep your car running smoothly.
  • Pay Attention to Strange Developments: If you start noticing something odd like your exhaust noise getting louder or your car is pulling to one side, speak with one of our service specialists. Smaller issues can develop into more serious problems if left unattended.

Schedule Service

If you have found something out of the ordinary, contact our service team. If you if have more questions, check out our service FAQs. Discover expert Subaru maintenance and repair by scheduling service today!

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