From time to time your Subaru will need a little TLC from our service center to ensure safe and reliable performance. While there may be hundreds of other service centers around San Francisco, you won't find the same level of customer service and care as well as savings that you will here at Putnam Subaru.

We know that saving money is something that everyone loves to do and what could be better than saving while having your oil changed, tires rotated or Subaru inspected? We are always running a number of different parts and service specials for just that reason. Not to mention that only here will you have access to the best parts and service in town with genuine Subaru parts and the best technicians in town.

We also care deeply about our customers and treat them like family. Which is why we help you stay on top of all your service needs with scheduled Subaru service. This way you never have to worry about remembering when your last oil change was or when you need to have your brakes replaced. Subaru technicians and engineers have outlined when you will need specific services and the proper interval for regular service needs.

Another reason to choose Putnam Subaru for all your service needs is we offer two locations to make it convenient and easy to get your Subaru in for service no matter where in the Bay Area you like. Both of our service centers are staffed with teams of highly skilled and certified Subaru technicians who know what makes a Subaru a Subaru. Give us a call or make an appointment online to get your Subaru in for service.