Easily Discover Your Maintenance Schedule Using Our Online Resources


Keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition with regular service is the best way to avoid wearing out parts, which could lead to damage, and to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. Bringing in your vehicle for an oil change or a tire rotation is great, but over time your vehicle will need different types of maintenance.

By knowing the service intervals and what needs to be serviced, you can act proactively rather reacting. It's better to inspect vital aspects of your vehicle so that you know what to keep an eye on rather than waiting until there is an issue that could cause additional damage and cost you more.

We want everyone to have easy access to the information that they need to keep up with their scheduled service, and that is why we offer an online maintenance schedule tool. In just a few simple steps that take only a couple seconds, you can discover critical information for your vehicle's maintenance.

How specific does this information get? Once you have entered your vehicle's information, you will see a timetable with intervals for mileage. Below, you will see all the items that will need to be checked over time. This list includes replacements but also inspections to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape and to keep an eye out for any possible issues.


When it's time to get the routine maintenance that you need, then consider visiting our service center. Our Subaru-trained technicians know the ins and outs of all Subaru models and can complete any job quickly with expert precision. Our technicians are also familiar with a wide range of other models and makes, so they are always a good choice for your maintenance needs.

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