Spring Servicing at Putnam Subaru!

If you want your Subaru to continue to perform at the highest level this summer, then we want to invite you to schedule a spring service appointment at a time that's most convenient for you at Putnam Subaru! Whether your vehicle is experiencing an issue that needs to be corrected or you want to stay ahead of any upkeep, our team of factory trained Subaru technicians are here to get your vehicle back to like new condition and ready to take on the many adventures ahead of you this summer!

One of the most important areas to have addressed during a spring service appointment is an oil change. In the spring, dirt and debris are prevalent on the road because of rain runoff and such. Your motor oil combats that dirt and debris by collecting it before it has a chance to damage your engine. When you wait too long to have your oil changed, that dirt can cause your oil to gunk up and make your engine run less efficiently. We can get your oil changed quickly using the recommended motor oil for your Subaru model to ensure that it continues performing at the highest level. We also offer tire rotations, fluid replacements, replacement batteries, air and oil filter changes, alignments and much more.

Whether you have a repair need or you want to stay ahead of any problems to arise, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online at Putnam Subaru Today!

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