The Subaru Legacy Received a Makeover for 2018 - Here are Some Things to be on the Lookout For


Here at Putnam Subaru in Burlingame, we're proud to recommend all of our high-quality Subaru models. From the versatile, wagon-style Outback, to the sporty WRX. But, when our Bay area customers come in looking for a mid-sized, luxury-level sedan, well, that's an easy one.

Our Subaru Legacy is a gorgeous sedan, with high-quality materials and spacious seating for five people.

New for 2018, Subaru has given our favorite sedan a bit of an overhaul and a stylish makeover. It's still the same all-wheel drive sedan we've always liked, but it has a few updates and upgrades worth exploring.

Here are six of the changes we've found on the new 2018 Subaru Legacy that we thought our customers, in particular, would really enjoy:

  1. Fresh new look. The 2018 legacy has received a style makeover on both the front and backends.
  2. Upgraded features list. The standard features on every 2018 Legacy include smartphone integration and a rearview camera. Plus, drivers can get even more innovative amenities as they move up the trim levels.
  3. Under the hood retuning. Subaru says they have retuned the 2018 Legacy, giving it more responsive, sportier handling, and a smoother, faster acceleration.
  4. Quieter ride. The cabin of the 2018 Legacy has also been upgraded, with better insulation for a quieter ride for you and your passengers.
  5. Updated air conditioning system. The 2018 Legacy now comes with a more-powerful air conditioning system, which we know our customers will really appreciate.
  6. Improved interior materials. The seating and trim materials inside the 2018 Legacy have been redesigned, using upgraded, higher-quality fabrics and detail work.

Meet the 2018 Subaru Legacy in Person

If you knew and loved the Subaru Legacy of before, stop by Putnam Subaru soon and meet the Subaru Legacy of now.

Our expert Subaru sales team can tell you all about the changes and updates to this wonderful sedan, and answer all of your questions about availability and ordering.

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