Four Things to Love About the 2018 Subaru Impreza


After a big overhaul and makeover for the 2017 model year, our Subaru Impreza is back for 2018. Here at Putnam Subaru, we really like the latest Subaru Impreza, and have come up with four top things we think our Bay area customers will love about the latest outing of this stylish car.

  1. Symmetrical all-wheel drive. The Subaru Impreza is the only compact car that allows you to choose either sedan or hatchback style, and gives you the added security of all-wheel drive standard. Subaru's signature all-wheel drive system comes on every 2018 Impreza, and it gives drivers the feeling of added stability, especially when road and weather conditions take a turn.
  2. Safety features. Every Subaru Impreza comes standard with a host of features designed to get you and your family to your destination safely. Plus, there are many more accident-avoiding technologies available, including Subaru EyeSight, which uses strategically-placed cameras to assist drivers in a number of ways.
  3. Transmission choices. Not only does the 2018 Subaru Impreza give you the only standard all-wheel drive capability you won't find anywhere else, it also gives you the choice of being in charge of your car's shifting. Many hatchbacks and sedans today only come with an automatic transmission. But, not the Impreza. Drivers have the choice of getting it with either a manual or an automatic, depending on their preferences.
  4. Space. For a compact model, we here at Putnam Subaru think the 2018 Impreza offers an impressive amount of space. Not only does it give you and your passengers ample breathing room and elbow room, it also has plenty of cargo storage. The hatchback offers a little more than the sedan, but, both have room to easily carry all of your suitcases and gear.

Of course, we have dozens more reasons to consider the 2018 Subaru Impreza. Stop by and visit us soon on California Drive and let our sales team show you all there is to know and like about this great model.

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