Visit Putnam Subaru and Enjoy Burlingame While You're Here

Nestled on the San Francisco Peninsula, Burlingame combines its beauty with a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere full of shopping centers, restaurants, night-life entertainment, and a stunning environment.

Shopping and Restaurants

Enjoy a stroll down the Fifties styled street of Broadway Avenue where you can find mom-and-pop stores, antique shops, local coffee shops and restaurants, and so much more. Broadway brings the feel of a small town to the city of Burlingame.

If you are looking for more upscale and brand name restaurants and stores, Downtown Burlingame Avenue has what you are looking for. Take your time as you soak up the warm sunshine, interact with the friendly atmosphere, and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Parks and Recreation

Burlingame, CA, is also known as the "city of trees". This title was given because of the fact that Burlingame has over 18,000 public trees and multiple Eucalyptus groves. It has been said that these Eucalyptus groves were planted by the first owner of the land that Burlingame now rests upon, William Davis Merry Howard. He wanted to retire to a beautiful place filled with stunning trees and we think that he accomplished his goal.

You can further see Howard's Eucalyptus and tree dream in any of Burlingame's multiple parks. Take a hike through Heritage Park, bring your dogs to the Bayside Dog Exercise Park, or enjoy the Shorebird Sanctuary - Natural Marsh.

Sight-Seeing Destinations

If you are interested in history and movies, Burlingame has some destinations to add to your list. Kohl Mansion, a massive 63-room brick Tudor mansion, was built in 1914 and is absolutely exquisite. It not only includes a beautiful rose garden, carriage house, and green house, but it also sits on 40 acres of land. It is now a private high-school and we are so jealous.

If you were ever a fan of the movies Flubber, Dangerous Minds, or The Maltese Falcon, you can visit some of the places where these movies were filmed. Flubber was filmed in the Kohl Mansion, Dangerous Minds had some of its scenes take place at Burlingame High School, and when Brigid O-Shaughnessy needed to be rescued in The Maltese Falcon that took place on Ancho Street in Burlingame.

Don't Forget to Stop By Putnam Subaru While You're Here

Whether you are visiting Burlingame to purchase a new or used Subaru from us or you have come to experience what Burlingame has to offer, we would love to have you stop by our Putnam Subaru dealership. If you aren't sure how to get here, feel free to use our interactive directions map or contact us. Make a day out of it and then drive back home in your new Subaru.

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