“What Are the Biggest Benefits of Buying OEM Subaru Parts?”

If you’ve heard a rattle or click under the hood and are ready to bring your Subaru in for service, may we make a suggestion? Please visit a Subaru-dedicated service center where highly-trained technicians will use genuine OEM Subaru parts.

A service center like ours here at Putnam Subaru, makes good use of these OEM Subaru parts, repairing or maintaining your current ride and ensuring that your Subaru will be working well on the road again quickly.

While you could go to the garage down the street that uses generic parts, is that really the best move? There is also a good chance that a smaller garage won’t have the part you need in stock. But at a Subaru service center like ours here at Putnam Subaru, you’ll find an extensive selection of all the OEM Subaru parts that your vehicle might need. Learn more about why using Subaru parts is important. We also have specials on Subaru parts which will offer you a cost savings.

Stop in soon to ask us more about our Subaru parts or accessories, or make your next service appointment conveniently online. We think you’ll be very glad you came to see us here at Putnam Subaru in Burlingame, CA.

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